Privacy Policy

  1. Principles of processing personal data

1.1. RENTWISE OÜ processes personal data which the users of the web environment have communicated to RENTWISE OÜ (via advertisement texts, when ordering services or exchanging comments, etc.). Communication of personal data to RENTWISE OÜ is not mandatory, except for contact data in cases where the users wish to have their applications responded to by RENTWISE OÜ, to have their orders executed, or when they order services, etc.

1.2. The users undertake to submit their chosen valid data when they register to become users of the web environment as well as when they use it. The users also undertake to update their contact data if there are changes thereto.

1.3. The users consent to have their personal data processed to the extent described in these terms of use, with the objective to ensure the high quality and availability of the services as well as to expand, improve, personalise, and develop the services in other ways.

1.4. RENTWISE OÜ collects and stores personal data electronically, also making extracts thereof in other forms, if necessary.

1.5. RENTWISE OÜ is not obliged to store any personal data of the users of the web environment on its database. RENTWISE OÜ reserves the right to store any personal data included in an advertisement for the period fixed upon entry of that advertisement and/or for a period of time which is necessary for performing RENTWISE OÜ’s functions related to the respective advertisement.

1.6. Personal data is used to respond to those who have submitted feedback, as well as to perform other procedures requested by the users. The personal data of users who have requested to receive commercial messages, advertising materials, and information about RENTWISE OÜ’s products, services, and activities from RENTWISE OÜ is used to foRentwise OÜard such information as well.

1.7. RENTWISE OÜ does not disclose personal data to third parties or publish such data, except in cases stipulated in these terms of use.

1.8. RENTWISE OÜ reserves the right to use any personal data for its own purposes and deliver such data to third parties chosen by RENTWISE OÜ when engaged in cooperation with such parties. Personal data may also be communicated to parties that take part in the execution of an agreement between RENTWISE OÜ and a particular user (such as accommodation providers, post offices).

1.9. RENTWISE OÜ may also fo Rentwise OÜard the personal data of users who have failed to pay for their services on schedule to parties that engage in debt collection (debt collectors, etc.), or to companies that publish credit status reports (such as Krediidiinfo, etc.), which may process such data for the purpose of adopting credit decisions in credit status registers managed by these entities.

1.10. If the user wishes to know what data of theirs is included on RENTWISE OÜ’s database, they may submit a respective request to the e-mail address of RENTWISE OÜ provided in the terms of use.

1.11. The users have the right to update and correct their personal data.

1.12. The users may at any time rescind their consent to have RENTWISE OÜ process their personal data, demand that the processing of their personal data be ceased and any collected personal data erased or sealed off, as well as demand that their user account be closed. For this purpose, the users shall submit a respective application to the e-mail address of RENTWISE OÜ provided in the terms of use. The revocation of one’s consent has no retroactive effect.