What is RentWise?

RentWise in a website containing the accommodation providers in Estonia.

How does RentWise work?

RentWise shows the listings for the accommodation providers. You can contact them directly by calling them, sending an email or send a message through our website.

Is there a fee to use RentWise?

Using RentWise to search for accommodation is free, if you want to add your listing to our website then there is a fee depending on how many listings You want to add.

How can I book my stay at a place?

There are different ways. The fastest being if you call them directly, send them an email or a message via our website.

How can I pay for my accommodation?

Payment is directly to the accommodation provider. Depending on their rules/traditions it can be a prepayment, cash or credit card.

Why should I make an ad on RentWise?

We do not take a commission on every deal You make. We have a fixed price for every 30 days, which helps you to have a higher profit and less fees.

How much does an ad cost and how long will it be visible?

The listings are visible for 30 days.

Our price list can be found: Here

Can I change my Memberships package?

Membership packages can be changed at any time, when changing the package You will have to pay the price of the new package, even if it’s a downgrade.

What do I have to take into account when making an ad on RentWise?

If You make an listing on RentWise, you also give us the rights to promote your listing – we can use the contents in different media channels to ensure that clients can reach You.

How can the clients contact me?

The clients can contact You via your phone number, e-mail address, homepage or just send a message via our website which will be delivered to your e-mail address.